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Dogs and their owners in Eastlake

I am amazed at how many people have dogs in Eastlake.   But what amazes me even more is how many dog owners will walk their dog onto my property so the dog can go to the bathroom.  I am not talking about the edge of the lawn, I am talking about the middle of my lawn and sometimes right next to my house. And this happens when I am outside watching them.  Out of respect alone, people should not do this.  There are also issues of liability.  

I like dogs but I think people should not step onto another person’s property so their dog can find the perfect place to relieve themself.     The majority of the time owners clean up after their dogs but I have to pick up dog poop about once a week in my lawn.   And, I am always dodging poop on the grassy  curb areas.

I am curious to here how others in the neighborhood feel about this.