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Christina Choi Little Library is Open for Visitors!

The Christina Choi Little Library is now installed on the south side of Louisa street just East of Lake Union Mail.  Christina was Eastlake-raised, Eastlake-schooled, an Eastlake restaurant owner (Nettletown), neighbor and friend.  Those responsible for building, painting and installing remain unidentified.  Thank them with your use of her library.

Eastlake UnSplit!

On Wednesday January 9th, the steering committee for the Districts Now campaign voted to unsplit Eastlake.  In its original October 2012 launch announcement, Eastlake was split down its middle between the Roosevelt and Capitol Hill districts at Lynn Street.  Thanks to the strong and positive campaigning of many Eastlakians, Districts Now agreed with our reasoning and shifted the boundary to unify Eastlake within the Roosevelt district.

         The Districts Now campaign, the proposal for electing Seattle City Council by 7 district seats and two at-large seats, will enter the signature gathering phase in a few weeks to qualify for the November 2013 ballot.

          Districts Now is on Facebook, for all who would care to “LIKE” the campaign. 

Eastlake’s Etheridge Triumphant Again!

Eastlake’s Craig Etheridge, a 5-year resident in the 2600 Block of Boylston Avenue, won his 2nd Bicycle Messenger World Championship in Chicago this weekend.   His first was won in Guatemala in 2010.

      Craig has pedaled the streets of Seattle working for KNR Couriers since 2004. 

Bad Bongos of Gas Works Park

Tuesday evening’s incessant thump-a-thon carried on prevailing winds hard into Eastlake was just a little too much for me.    This morning’s e-mailed noise complaint has the SPD North Precinct and Harbor Patrol communicating.  So next time the drum circles break out, please don’t feel like your accoustical deportation to Boreo has to last until the Gas Works drummers wear out.  The cops (non-emergency line) should be helpful enforcing the repetitive noise provisions of the Noise Ordinance which are posted at the park. 

Help an Eastlake House

The child-compatible single family house at 2371 Franklin Avenue East needs a new owner.  It is unoccupied, bank-owned and somewhere entangled in the estate of the late Charles Berger.  I’ve inquired with Key Bank – the reported owner – but received only standardized responses from obviously non-caring Key Bank response centers.

According to some neighbors, it has been unoccupied for many months.  According to others, there are unsecured access points that may be used by very discreet squatters.

According to King County, Parcel #2902200916 is worth $525K.  Nah – it needs $100,000 of fix-up to be worth over $300,000.  I don’t have the inclination to take on such a project.  But we all have the motivation to save child-compatible housing 2 lots from our school from a long death by neglect.

Anyone who is – or knows – a tenacious real estate agent competent in REO and Estate-entanglements, 2371 Franklin needs your help.

Know This Flying Boat?

A Grumman Widgeon 2 engined amphibian has been flying off Lake Union the past few days.   We’ve confirmed it isn’t Steve Harvey’s N17481 (built 1944) from Kodiak as pictured.  Has anyone snapped a picture or recorded the N number?   It was sighted in and out of Lake Union Sunday around 7:00 PM and Monday around noon.

Michelle’s Endorsement News!

Eastlake‚Äôs own candidate for Seattle School board Michelle Beutow last night won sole endorsement at the King County Democrats!  All four School board incumbents were considered, but did not receive the King County Democrat endorsement.  Go Michelle!

FarmBoat Returns to the Historic Ships Wharf

Every Thursday from 11am – 3pm aboard the Virginia V. 

The FarmBoat Floating Market is held aboard the historic steamship Virginia V docked at Lake Union Park Wharf. Vendors display locally grown produce, specialty foods and artisan crafts on board the 125′ wooden vessel–just as it was done a century ago. Market visitors can tour the ship for free and learn about Puget Sound agricultural and maritime heritage while they shop. (There is plenty of space on deck to enjoy lunch with fantastic shoreline views of downtown Seattle and Lake Union). 

To learn more about this event please go to our website.