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The Areis Building – A Gem for small business in Eastlake

After 10 years on Capitol Hill, Jeremy Steward of JSteward Bodywork will be moving his massage practice to the Areis Building in Eastlake.  As larger condo development projects blossom on Capitol Hill and other neighborhoods, small affordable office space becomes harder and harder to find. The Areis Building is a gem for small business owners and sole proprietors such as Jeremy.   Massage practitioners, acupuncturists and mental health counselors make up a large part of the businesses within the Areis Building, bringing their clients and increasing commerce to Eastlake Avenue.  There are few other office buildings in the city, let alone Eastlake, that cater specifically to small businesses.  By providing professional & affordable small office space, The Areis Building is supporting a varied and rich ecosystem of businesses in Seattle, allowing all levels of entrepreneurship to thrive.  Visit one of the many businesses within The Areis Building, and make a contribution to your own health and the health of independent business in our neighborhood and city!