Popular mailbox returns to Eastlake corner

It seems like a small thing, but in the context of busy urban lives the convenience of a neighborhood mailbox can be very important. An Eastlake mailbox that had been removed is back and neighbors are pleased.

The blue U.S. Postal Service mailbox at the corner of E. Lynn and Minor E. is one of the few left in the neighborhood. When it was removed earlier this summer to make way for a new curb cut, neighbor Phyllis Hatfield became concerned. She lives nearby and uses the box frequently. Other mailboxes in Eastlake, including one on the west side of Eastlake in the 2800 block, have been removed in recent years to save money.

Hatfield first called the Post Office on Broadway to ask if they knew what was up with the box. The person she talked to there said that a survey had found there wasn’t enough mail coming in to the box to warrant replacing it. 

A call to the city produced better results. A city staffer called Hatfield back and said the mailbox would be returned and on Monday of this week it was.

Hatfield is grateful but worries that the box will be removed if it isn’t used. Her message: Bring your outgoing mail to Minor and Lynn!

“A lot of people are not going to see it,” she said, noting that there is often a car parked in front of it. “If people don’t use it, the post office is going to pull it out.”

 Check the map with this post for the exact location and get mailing!

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