Metro reroutes buses off Fairview N. during construction

If you ride a Metro bus between Eastlake and downtown, you noticed a change starting a week ago: Buses now stay on Eastlake rather than going down Fairview after they pass the Eastlake and Fairview intersection.

The change is temporary and is related to the construction on Mercer Street in south Lake Union. Mercer is now a two-way street and Fairview is temporarily restricted to one lane northbound. This temporary reroute is expected to last for four to six months, according to Metro.

The following routes are affected by the reroute: 70, 71, 72, 73, 83 and 309. Those routes will stop on Eastlake at Aloha, Mercer, John and Howell streets.

For more information, check out the reroute map PDF attached to this post. Metro also has more details on the reroute and how to get to the temporary Eastlake bus stops on their blog.