I’d love to walk/sit your dog!!

Hello! I am an exercise loving, outdoorsy person who works from home and would love to walk your dog while you are at work or dog sit and walk for your dog while you’re out of town. I have two dogs, a golden retriever and a king charles spaniel who love friends. If you would like to get your dog outside with other dogs to play during the day, or don’t want to take it to be boarded on your out of town venture then let me know! I am cheap and just love animals and would love the opportunity to use my at home work experience for good by walking and caring for other animals :)

Please email me!

(I will do the Eastlake area only)

2 thoughts on “I’d love to walk/sit your dog!!

  1. Kristina

    Hi AlysonAnn, I am looking for someone to care for my 4 yr old female toy poodle and would like to meet you and your dogs. I am on Fairview Ave in the floating home community.
    Thanks for your response

  2. stacielady

    I have a 18 month black lab mix who is very sweet. We just moved to the area and would love to have someone come walk her during the day once or twice a week while I’m at work. How much are you considering charging for this? Thanks!

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