Bad Bongos of Gas Works Park

Tuesday evening’s incessant thump-a-thon carried on prevailing winds hard into Eastlake was just a little too much for me.    This morning’s e-mailed noise complaint has the SPD North Precinct and Harbor Patrol communicating.  So next time the drum circles break out, please don’t feel like your accoustical deportation to Boreo has to last until the Gas Works drummers wear out.  The cops (non-emergency line) should be helpful enforcing the repetitive noise provisions of the Noise Ordinance which are posted at the park. 

One thought on “Bad Bongos of Gas Works Park

  1. bill

    Thanks for this.

    I’m tired of these noise-graffiti vandals polluting our summer evenings.

    Time for pushback–Keep the police non-emergency number handy: 625-5011

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