City garbage strike doesn’t affect Eastlake; pickups continue as normal

In case you’ve been wondering, Eastlake won’t be affected by the current garbage haulers’ strike in Seattle.

That’s because Eastlake, as well as the rest of central and northeast Seattle, are serviced by CleanScapes. The strike involves unionized workers for Waste Management, which serves other parts of the city. You can see the affected areas on this map from the city’s website.

According to a press release from Seattle Public Utilities, the strike is affecting about 60 percent of the city.

The Seattle Times is reporting that Waste Management brought in outside workers today (Friday, July 27) to collect garbage from hospitals, day cares and nursing homes.

The dispute centers on a wage disparity between Waste Management’s recycling truck drivers and drivers of garbage trucks. Recycling drivers at Waste Management earn about $9 less an hour than garbage workers, according to the Seattle Times. The Times story notes this isn’t the case at CleanScapes:

Seattle’s other waste-hauling contractor, CleanScapes, pays drivers of recycling and compost trucks the same as garbage drivers under a contract with Teamsters Local 174, said company spokesman John Taylor.

A starting CleanScapes driver earns $19.73 an hour, compared with about $17 for a Waste Management recycling driver and about $26 for a Waste Management garbage driver.