New Park and Pedestrian Walkway in Eastlake needs your support

Dear Eastlake Neighbors:

I am writing to you to look for community support for the development of a pedestrian connection, possibly a pathway + stairs, via the East Howe right of way. If you’re not familiar with this public right of way, it is approximately on the north edge of the old Siam Lake Union property on Fairview and is currently subsumed into the parking lot of the adjacent office building. This connection would allow access from Capitol Hill through Colonnade Park to Fairview Ave E.

Currently, the development of the former Siam site offers a chance to design and have funded a pathway/ connection along the East Howe right of way, if the community shows enough interest. If we do not support a preservation of this public right of way at this time, it likely will be lost forever to public use.

Another reason why it would be especially good to act now is because of the vacancy NOAA has created and the resulting potential for incorporating better public access to the shores of Lake Union at this location. The developer for the Siam site is expressing a strong interest in contributing to the design and development of this pedestrian walkway, so right now a few things have come together to create a brief window of opportunity to talk back a public access route, and at the same time enhance our neighborhood’s pedestrian-friendliness.

To summarize, I am make a plea for your help in bringing back/ preserving E Howe as a critical link from Capitol Hill to the east shores of Lake Union. Please express your support NOW so this path may isn’t lost to the community forever.

You can email the following people at the City with your comments:

Peter Hahn, Director of Seattle Transportation, peter.hahn@seattle.govMoira Gray, Street and Alley Vacations, Seattle Transportation,

For your information I have attached a map and pictures of similar proposals. If you would like to see something along the lines of the Harbor Steps downtown or the Wallingford Steps at the north end of Lake Union, please let me know and show your support for this project.

I will make petitions available to sign at various businesses in the neighborhood. Also include with this post is a copy of the petition in pdf format. If you would like an electronic copy, I will email you the petition in printable form. Also, please consider writing an email or letter in support of this project. Please send me a copy at the email address below or drop it by Lake Union Mail at 117 East Louisa St, #187, Seattle WA 98102.

Thank you,

Brian Ramey

Lake Union Neighbors

6 thoughts on “New Park and Pedestrian Walkway in Eastlake needs your support

  1. Kelly Coker

    This is a project worth supporting. Thank you for your efforts and please
    send along the petition and let me know how my involvement might be helpful.

  2. LakeUnionNeighbors

    Attached to this posting is a petition in pdf. Please print and sign it, gather more signatures and mail or drop it off to me if you support this idea. Please let me know if you have dropped one by Lake Union Mail. I need to ask Jules to please be the courier of any petitions that are dropped by his business.

    Thank you
    Brian Ramey
    117 East Louisa Street, #187
    Seattle, WA 98102

  3. Tony Balquin

    Great idea Brian I’m all in favor of such a plan. I agree that acting now would benefit the community and maybe even be the catalyst for the developer of the old NOAA property to see the value of more public space development.
    Thanks for heading this up.

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