KING 5 News: SPD swarms Eastlake in weapons raid (with video)

UPDATE: The SPD Blotter has a report up on this incident. The SPD says eight people were arrested at the home in the 2300 block of Minor Ave. E. The blotter item says:

One of the men, 27, was wanted on an outstanding federal fugitive warrant as well as local charges and his brother, 33, was also wanted on warrants.

Detectives who searched the residence found two AR-15′s, one equipped with a military-style grenade launcher, and a large smoke grenade. Photos of the recovered weapons are at the SPD Blotter.

Six of those arrested were interviewed and released. The two men with warrants were booked into the King County Jail.

KING 5 News reported last night on a Seattle Police Department weapons raid at a house at Minor E. and E. Louisa on Thursday evening.

KING’s video report shows SWAT team members on the streets and a flash grenade going off. KING reports that people in a house at the intersection were detained. 

KING’s report says police were acting on a tip that a wanted felon was in the house and that weapons were also there.

The raid came after an announcement on Wednesday that SPD has partnered with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and the FBI in a renewed drive to get weapons off the city’s streets.

KIRO TV News also has a report this morning.

12 thoughts on “KING 5 News: SPD swarms Eastlake in weapons raid (with video)

  1. rachel

    It doesn’t really seem like a scary area. :/ I couldn’t tell from watching the police video which house it was.. it looks like it’s close to the pink and purple houses

  2. EastOfTheLake

    I just read this and was about to post it on Eastlake Ave before seeing that I was 2 hours too slow.

    Somehow I never thought there was this type of drug activity in our neighborhood. People that live near Louisa and Minor. Have you seen this activity ongoing for quite some time?


  3. minor ave

    It took place at the purple house. This house has been a problem for years with drugs in and out. When I saw it go down, instead of “wow, I can’t believe it” it was more like a “Finally… It’s about time they get caught” What I love most about living in Eastlake is the tight knit, mostly quiet, friendly community we have. I am happy that maybe Minor ave will finally get some peace from the chaos that has taken place at that house for far too long, and the cops finally caught them.

  4. jas

    I walk/run by the house all the time. When we saw the police activity last night we didn’t want to assume it was ‘the purple’ house where we see all kinds of strange activity going on, but…

    I don’t care if people do drugs but it is scary to think about the weapons the residents had and what might have happened in a drug deal gone wrong, or something else. Exciting night in Eastlake!

  5. Fairview ave

    So 8 people were in the meth lab, wouldn’t come out until a huge show of force, and 6 were let go? I would think they’d at least get obstruction or something.

    I walk by that place every day. I think they also had a pit bull in there. A couple weeks ago there was a dog running around outside without a leash, and I heard Steve (next door neighbor, not involved in this) say something about a pit bull being loose. I didn’t get that good of a look at the dog to know. A pit bull actually scares me more than the guns. I think they would all have been legal had the people not been felons. Oh, and running a meth lab…

  6. christie

    You may know me I have the two Pitbulls in the neighborhood Ocean and Halo #1 I put Ocean to rest on 3/26/2012 he had chronic Liver Failure he was only four and the sweetest American Pitbull that has ever lived would not hurt a fly or a person I sent ten grand to keep him alive over the last year and a half after he was diagnosed he was so important for this breed. #2 I grew up next to this home at my Great Grandparents the Turquoise house. My Great Grandparent were William and Mabel French we sold the home to the Allen’s where this incident happened. #3 you have never seen a Pitbull at the purple house you have seen William and 11 year old dauschand and Lou a 4 year old golden retriever! Perhaps you have seen me with Ocean and Halo talking to the Grand kids that live in the Purple house or talking to the Allen’s who own it. You should not be afraid of Pitbull’s this comment lacks education you are ignorant and rude! What you should do is reach out to Earnie and Irene Allen make sure they are ok as your neighbors and help them to understand what their Grand daughter is doing in that home! I checked on Irene today and at 80 years old her and Earnie do not understand nor do they have the youth to deal with this… I suggest you all go offer to help and start a block watch call the Police to check on the Allen’s and stop making Pitbull accusations seriously it’s Seattle half of Seattle is rescuing Pits and trying our best. If you want to harass a dog try the Poodle mix on that block that attacked us!

  7. Mark

    My wife and I live across the street from “the scene of the crime”. Well, surprise, surprise!! As far as Pitbull’s and Poodles, and Golden Retrievers go – we love them all. Dog’s rule. But that isn’t what this is all about. Seriously – there was a grenade launcher in that house – Holy Cow! Personally, I always thought that those party animals in the purple house were George Zimmerman – neighborhood watch types. To think that they could have blown our block to smithereens is a wee bit frightening, don’t you think. So, what happens when they get out of jail on bond, or bail – and return to Eastlake? UH OH.

  8. christie groves

    I agree and that was the point! I have contacted SPD and FBI to help the Allens resolve this issue they don’t understand do to age. If anyone like I said, can help out with a neighborhood thing please let me know my email is I am just up the street on Franklin! I am very concerned for us all and the Allens. Obviously I have sentiment those being my Great Grandparents homes where my family was raised before we sold not to mention my like for Earnie and Irene!

  9. bill

    Those four houses are so similar, with such distinctive paint jobs, that I’ve wondered if they’re “related”–same owner, or related people living in them?

    I had no idea this kind of stuff was going on there.

    Sounds like there’s a story behind this, but I can’t make sense out of christie’s post above.

    By the way: Doesn’t William the Weiner Dog live in one of those houses? Is it possible he’s the brains behind this outfit? Just a thought…


  10. erin

    Yes the house are all owned by Irene and Ernie. But let’s be clear and not lump all of the tenants into the ones that reside in the purple house. Katie, the granddaughter of Irene and Ernie live there, and two houses down on the other side of the pink house is Alex and Cindy, Alex is Irene’s son. However Mike Reilly, in the pink house, and The Sparks, in the teal house on the corner, are rent paying tenants who have been dealing with the dramatics that have been playing out for years. Ever since Irene, Ernie, and William all moved up to their house on yale and Katie moved in.

    I am very good friends with the tenants of both the pink and teal house, and we all very much enjoy hanging out in the yard on sunny days, but they should not be associated with what takes place and what we all witness, that the cops dont seem to do anything. Katie never got arrested, and Tank was out in two days. Even after the cops said he would be gone for a long long time.. not the case. Mike has put together a petition and it has already received a lot of signatures. Let’s hope some sort of action is taken. This is way too much drama for our friendly little neighborhood.

  11. greenlake

    You might be right about some pitt bulls, but Katies pitt bull “Precious” is a psycho dog. As a neighbor I have already witnessed in get into 2 fights and it has scared the sh*t out of more than a few people aggressively running around off leash.
    As for the Allen’s they know exactly what is going on. Just becuase people are old does not mean they are dumb or senile. The officer I talked to today made it more than clear that they have been briefed multiple times and have also walked through the house.
    It has become time that someone in that family needs to put their foot down and rid what is a nice neighborhood of this blight once and for all!

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