Eastlake resident seeks your help to get into space

Eastlake resident Lauren Furgason is trying to get into space and she is asking for your support.

Furgason, 25, is one of 20 finalists in the Space Needle’s Space Race 2012 contest in honor of the Needle’s 50th anniversary. The prize: a sub-orbital space trip.

As part of the contest, Furgason made a video in which she tells her reasons for wanting to go into space. She explains in the video:

When I was three, I ran away from home, trying to get to the moon. And while the Space Needle has watched over Seattle, I’ve ventured far from home, working hard to make my way around the earth. Now I’m ready to see what’s beyond, what’s waiting overhead.

To help send her on her way, she needs people to vote for her video on Facebook. Click here to view the video and vote for her.

In her video, Furgason talks about her passion for adventure and is seen training for the flight wearing a costume spacesuit, drinking a Rocket Fuel energy drink and spinning on a playground “centrifuge.”

Born and raised in Seattle, Furgason is a University of Washington graduate. She works as a strategist for a branding design agency near Pioneer Square. This is the first time she’s done a video like this. She got friends to help and then spent a day shooting.

She says her adventurous spirit inspired her to enter the contest.

“I’m always in search of my next adventure,” she says. “Not in a bucket-list kind of way, but to see and understand the world at large so I can be more well-rounded as I continue to make life decisions everyday, and influence the way I think in my career.”

If she wins, her goal would be to help represent the next step in space travel, commercial fliers like herself.

“To be a local that has grown up in the shadow of the Needle, it would be an honor to represent this once-in-a-lifetime experience that would be to inspire people around the world to dream big,” she says.

And how great to think that Eastlake would have its own representative in space!

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