Help an Eastlake House

The child-compatible single family house at 2371 Franklin Avenue East needs a new owner.  It is unoccupied, bank-owned and somewhere entangled in the estate of the late Charles Berger.  I’ve inquired with Key Bank – the reported owner – but received only standardized responses from obviously non-caring Key Bank response centers.

According to some neighbors, it has been unoccupied for many months.  According to others, there are unsecured access points that may be used by very discreet squatters.

According to King County, Parcel #2902200916 is worth $525K.  Nah – it needs $100,000 of fix-up to be worth over $300,000.  I don’t have the inclination to take on such a project.  But we all have the motivation to save child-compatible housing 2 lots from our school from a long death by neglect.

Anyone who is – or knows – a tenacious real estate agent competent in REO and Estate-entanglements, 2371 Franklin needs your help.

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