Eastlake Avenue East Graffiti/Tagging

One section of the outside wall of Eastlake Gardens (2225 Eastlake Avenue E) was marred with graffiti sometime in the wee hours of New Year’s morning.  A short spin around the neighborhood has turned up a few other tags–all in purple spray paint in a variety of sizes–which look to be done by the same person or group.  We reported two incidents to the police.  The clean up is costly and expensive, but important.  The best way to avoid the cost, hassle, and aching back of clean up is prevention.  Please report any sightings of “artists” in action (call 911) or new graffiti (call police non emergency at 206-625-5011) around the neighborhood.

3 thoughts on “Eastlake Avenue East Graffiti/Tagging

  1. Joseph Singer

    Why the advice to call the non-emergency line to report graffiti? If you see it in progress you absolutely should call 112/911 to report a crime in progress.

  2. mlout

    Agree! Absolutely call 911 if you see it in progress. However, police only want a call on the non-emergency line if you did not see the perpetrator in action.

  3. pw

    you can buy cheap cans of grafitti remover at Lowes/Home Depot. Less than $10 – that and a cheap or old brush and much of it disappears.

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