Police chase suspected car prowlers in Eastlake

A team of suspected car prowlers fled from police Tuesday morning, Dec. 20, after they were seen breaking into vehicles in the streets around Eastlake.

The manhunt fanned out across the neighborhood after the duo fled the 2800 block of Franklin where the two were allegedly breaking into cars around 6 a.m. A neighborhood resident saw the pair, yelled at them and then called police. Four cars were broken in to.

The suspects smashed into a SPD cruiser in the stolen BMW they were driving before ditching the car at Yale and Edgar and attempting to flee pursuing officers on foot on Fairview.

According to an SPD officer at the scene, police nearly took the male suspect into custody but he was able to escape an officer’s grasp by wriggling out of his shirt and continuing to run. SPD radio said a female suspect wearing a grey or light colored hoodie was also seen fleeing the area on foot.

The shirtless suspect was described as a Hispanic male, 6-foot tall, with long black hair pulled back and a mustache and a goatee.

Thanks to Justin at CapitolHillSeattle.com for extensive help with this report.

4 thoughts on “Police chase suspected car prowlers in Eastlake

  1. bill

    “If you see anyone suspicious, call the police. We need to end the rash of car break-ins in Eastlake. Keep a look out!”

    Yep, for car prowlers and more:

    The Maple Leaf neighborhood blog reports that criminals are stealing UPS/FedX/USPS mail and packages from recipients’ porches in Maple Leaf. See MapleLeafLife dot com for details.

    Me, I keep my trusty…uh, dog…”Remington” handy, to discourage such behavior. Remington is very well-trained.

  2. CM

    Well, just remember…though it really sucks to have your car stolen, you might find that it isn’t enough motivation to actually kill someone over.

    And you’ll have a really hard time arguing that a stolen FedEx package was worth shooting someone over. Just try and use the bark without the bite.

  3. bill

    DM, you’re probably right.

    I was discussing this with a neighbor.

    He said he keeps a supply of long sharp steel spikes and a sledgehammer handy.

    If he catches a predatory sociopath such as described, he plans to nail him [or her] to a telephone pole. I’ve offerred to help.

    Maybe the sight of dozens of predators nailed to telephone poles will discourage such sociopathic criminal behavior. Waddaya think?

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