Public Meeting Nov 14th: NOAA Site, Skybridge, Other South End Projects

MON., NOV. 14: PUBLIC MEETING ABOUT THE NOAA SITE, A POSSIBLE EASTLAKE AVE. SKYBRIDGE, AND OTHER SOUTH END PROJECTS, 6:30-9 P.M. AT TOPS-SEWARD SCHOOL, 2500 FRANKLIN AVE. E. Hear about developers’ plans for the 8.5 acre former NOAA site (1801 Fairview Avenue E.), now zoned industrial; for a research lab and street vacation at 1150 Eastlake Ave.; and a private skybridge or public tunnel across Eastlake Ave. between two Fred Hutch buildings. Also discussed: an SPU diesel generator at 140 E. Blaine St.; improved shoreline walkway along Fairview Ave. E. south of Blaine Street with reconfigured intersection at Fairview Ave. N.; and opening up WSDOT’s gated pathway and views under and next to I-5 in the four blocks south of Colonnade Park. Questions?

One thought on “Public Meeting Nov 14th: NOAA Site, Skybridge, Other South End Projects

  1. EastOfTheLake

    For those of you wondering what is a “Street Vacation”.

    SDOT’s description:
    “The term Street Vacation refers to the process where an individual (who owns property adjacent to the right-of-way) can petition the City Council to acquire public right-of-way for private use. Public right-of-way is any property where the City has a right to use the land for street purposes whether or not the right-of-way has ever been improved.”

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