Woman shot in face with fireworks at Eastlake July 4 party

Police report that a woman attending a party at a house near Eastlake Ave. E. and E. Hamlin on July 4 was injured when a man shot her in the face with a firework.

The woman told police she had watched the fireworks from a rooftop deck. After the show, she went down to the alley to leave. There were 40-50 people in the alley attending a party at another house. She said a man who appeared to be drunk was shooting off fireworks into the crowd. One of the fireworks hit her in the face causing her to be burned.

The suspect’s girlfriend drove the victim to a hospital emergency room to be treated. The victim told police she doesn’t believe the suspect did this intentionally and that she didn’t want to pursue criminal charges but would like him to pay for her medical bills.

She wasn’t able to tell officers who lives at the house she was at or where exactly the party was at. Friends who were with her were also unable to give officers a location. Officers went to Eastlake E. and E. Hamlin but were unable to find the party.

This story was first reported by SeattleCrime.com.

One thought on “Woman shot in face with fireworks at Eastlake July 4 party

  1. jesse tam

    Sad to see such things happens with fireworks. Caution and safely is the utmost on these events.

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