I-5 Mercer ramps, 520 bridge closed this week

MONDAY MORNING UPDATE: The I-5 ramps at Mercer and 520 bridge have both reopened to traffic. The next ramp closures will be July 22-25 and 520 will be closed again on Aug. 26-29.

Two weekend road closures are having an impact on Eastlake this weekend. The closures are expected to cause more than the usual congestion on I-5 and I-90 at midday on Saturday and Sunday:

I-5 Mercer Street ramps: The Ramps getting on to I-5 at Mercer are closed again as work continues on the project to untangle the Mercer Mess. The ramps will be closed until 5 a.m. Monday.

During the closure, Mercer is shut to traffic from Westlake to Fairview and Fairview is closed between Mercer and Valley. The I-5 on-ramp at University is also closed to improve traffic flow during the closure. Detour routes will be marked and police will be directing traffic at some intersections.

If you’re riding Metro to or from downtown, be aware that all routes are moved off of Fairview and on to Eastlake during the closure. 

For more information on the Mercer Corridor Project, including maps of ways to get around the weekend closures, go to the Seattle Department of Transportation’s website. The next I-5 ramp closures will be the weekend of July 22-25.

520 bridge closure: The 520 floating bridge is also closed this weekend until 5 a.m. Monday. The closure is to allow an annual inspection of the bridge as well as installation of a culvert under the freeway on the Bellevue side of the lake. Details on this project can be found on the state department of transportation’s website.

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  1. jesse tam

    520 bridge closures are nightmares for traffic congestion throughout the area. Summer months are when repairs are done but more cars during the festivals and seafair events

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