Eastlake celebrates the summer solstice at the P-Patch

Eastlake residents marked the Summer Solstice with a celebration at the Eastlake P-Patch and adjacent Fairview Park on Tuesday, June 21.

The weather cooperated by actually providing summer sun. Neighbors enjoyed strolling the garden, listening to music, playing games and eating barbecue. Items donated by Eastlake businesses were auctioned to benefit the P-Patch’s bee hives and other garden needs.


For the first time in two years, the Eastlake P-Patch is not the scene of construction work. The major expansion that added 23 more garden plots to the site is finally over.

Mary Jones, one of the organizers behind the P-Patch expansion, surveyed the finished garden said that after the thousands of hours of work that went into the expansion project, it was nice to be able to relax and enjoy the sun and the event.

The celebration included several musical groups performing in Fairview Park. There were slug races and hopscotch for the kids and a badminton set for all ages. 

One of the group’s that helped make the Solstice Celebration happen was the Friends of Fairview Park. Rain Gilman explained that this group of neighbors helps maintain the park and coordinates other volunteer groups who want to help keep it up. At a time of tightening city budgets, Gilman noted that it’s important to have a group showing its support for the park and helping to maintain it.

To see captions on the photos in the slideshow, as well as larger images, go to the photo set in Flickr.

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  1. Eva

    Good afternoon! I’m co-chairing this year’s celebration with Rain, and I was wondering if I could use some of your photos from last year on this year’s promotional flyers?


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