Eastlake art/pub crawl: Would you attend? Would you participate?

The Eastlake Merchants Association had its monthly meeting Tuesday after work. While attendance wasn’t as big as some of their meetings, the business owners who were there did discuss several interesting topics, including the possibility of an Eastlake art and/or pub crawl event.

The merchants group has been talking about the possibility of some sort of event involving businesses in the neighborhood almost since its first meeting in January of last year. One of the observations made at that first meeting was that Eastlake’s business district runs for a long distance, all the way from the University Bridge in the north to Zymogenetics in the south. It’s a long way to walk and there are places where gaps in the storefronts can make it difficult to motivate people to keep moving to the next group of businesses. Plus, traffic on the street can be intimidating and parking a challenge.

In addition to events to help tie the business district together, the merchants association has also discussed banners and door decals to help customers make the connection.

At Tuesday’s meeting at Kristos Eastlake, Dominic Wood from Kristos suggested creating an Eastlake pub crawl and art walk event this summer. Kristos has teamed up with Artifakt Signature Gallery to do art evenings at the restaurant. The next event is Saturday when artists Ryan Henry Ward, Jeremy Gregory and 179 will be exhibiting. There will also be drink specials and DJs providing music.

The group kicked around ideas, including possibly staging a neighborhood-wide event in August. How might it work? they asked. Maybe participants could be given a card that would be stamped at each restaurant and business they visited. Get enough stamps and you’d be entered in a drawing. Maybe have art at each stop. Maybe restaurants could offer a special drink or food item for purchase. Include all businesses, not just restaurants.

Nothing was settled but lots of ideas were considered.

I said I’d post about the possibility of an art/pub crawl here and ask two questions:

  • If you own an Eastlake business, would you participate in such an event? (And if you did participate, what would you be willing to do?)
  • If you live in Eastlake (or just like to visit), would you participate in an art/pub crawl?

Post your answers in the comments with this post. Ask questions and offer your opinions. If you’d be willing to help make this event happen, post that also.

7 thoughts on “Eastlake art/pub crawl: Would you attend? Would you participate?

  1. Tim A.

    I live in Eastlake and would love to participate in an art/pub crawl. What can I do to help make it happen?!

  2. Eric

    I also live in Eastlake and would participate. I’d vote for a pub crawl over an art walk, but combining the two makes sense to me.

  3. Chandira

    I don’t drink much, I am a lightweight, but it sounds like a fun way to get to know the hood a little better! Sundays better than Saturdays, my Saturdays fill up too quick with other stuff.

  4. Patrick Howe

    Patrick Howe Gallery, a few doors down from Kristos, would be interested in participating in this event. The gallery would present great art and offer drinks. Please keep me posted on its development.

    Patrick Howe
    Upcoming event at the gallery—Student Art Show, Saturday, June 18th, starting at 7PM.

  5. Nina

    Eastlake is such a central place and I think you would be surprised on the area you would draw from for an art walk and pub crawl. Although, I agree the distance might seem daunting, I think if you can fill in the gaps with some of the business hosting art and maybe raffles and gift for going the distance it could be successful.

  6. jesse tam

    Sounds like a good way to generate and help like business with pub crawls. It’s worth a try during this econmic downturn to get customers and keep the fun going

  7. boylston

    Sounds great! Drink specials yes please! Get some live music too!

    The bigger the better! Block party, shut down the streets! Woo!

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