Second houseboat float arrives at Wards Cove, third coming soon

A second housboat float has arrived at Wards Cove in Eastlake with a third due in May.

Joel Blair, director of real estate for Wards Cove, sent the attached photos of the float as it arrived on Thursday, April 14. The float next door arrived in December and that houseboat has been under construction since then.

A total of four slips have sold on the dock, which Wards Cove says may be the last new houseboat moorages to be offered on Lake Union. Blair says the float arriving in May will come complete with a finished house on it.

Wards Cove has been redeveloping its historic waterfront location for several years, as we reported last March. Gone are the old docks and storage for the company’s fishing fleet, replaced by the houseboat moorages, office space, a marina and a green street.

Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn joined the Eastlake community last August to celebrate completion of the green street and the Eastlake P-Patch’s expansion project.