Eastlake’s Quick Stop Grocery and Deli closes

SATURDAY UPDATE: A sign in the door at the Quick Stop says the business closed “due to unforseen circumstances.” It says that the store will undergo renovations and a change in management and open again “in the near future.” We’ll keep you posted.


UPDATE: This post has been changed since it was first published. The name of Earl’s Garden Patch has been corrected. Details on the history of the building and current ownership have been added.

The Quick Stop Grocery and Deli, 2352 Eastlake Ave. E., closed abruptly this week.

The store’s last day was apparently Tuesday. The doors were chained closed on Wednesday morning (see photo). A short note says simply: “Business is closed. Thank you.”

The store has been a fixture on Eastlake Avenue for many years. It was originally known as Earl’s Garden Patch. A portion of the store’s parking lot was acquired by Starbucks in the early 2000′s and used as a site for the company’s Eastlake store.

Records at the King County Assessor’s Office list the current owner of the building as Castellum LLC.

A 1995 Seattle Times obituary of the store’s original owner, V. Earl Blomberg, provides details of its history. Blomberg, known as “the singing grocery,” opened Earl’s Garden Patch in 1933. The Times quotes Blomberg’s daughter, Gail Hendrickson, as saying: “He opened the store in the depths of the Depression, where a fruit-and-vegetable stand had been.”

Blomberg sold Christmas trees in the parking lot and, the Times reported, sold “quality items” at the store. His wife, Helen, who died in 1993, kept the books for the store and made ice cream on Tuesdays.

Read more of the Times’ obituary here.

Jules James, neighborhood businessperson and activist, believes the site, which is only half a block from TOPS@Seward School and Rogers Playfield and is on the same side of the street as both, would be a great site for a preschool:

“First glance at the expected property costs aren’t promising, but projected operations pencil out well.  I hope and am encouraging for the right mix of entrepreneurial capital and pre-school experience to meet pent-up local and regional pre-school market demand at this location.”

No word on what will happen to the market. We’ll let you know what we find out.

5 thoughts on “Eastlake’s Quick Stop Grocery and Deli closes

  1. jonathan

    …always sorry to see a neighborhood business close, but honestly, based on my experiences in this place, I’m not surprised.

    Several times in recent months I was standing at their counter, goods and money in hand, while the clerk stood feet away, blathering on her cell phone, completely oblivious to the customer [me] standing in front of her. It was like I was invisible. And there was another customer behind me! The 3rd/4th time this occurred, I put my stuff down on the counter, apologized for the interruption, and left. Haven’t been back.

    This place seemed to violate Retail Rule #1: When a customer wants to give you money, take it–now.

    The previous owners were great–Annie and…what was her husband’s name? They were professionals, making it a pleasure to shop there. But after they sold the place…I found myself discouraged by the unprofessionalism of the new owners. I stopped shopping there weeks ago. Now I head to the Eastlake+Lynn store–good people there who seem to appreciate their customers.

  2. Chandira

    I had a very similar experience. I went there for the first time a few weeks ago, and it was mostly empty, with a few dusty cans of spam or somesuch…
    I also like Pete’s better, great for cheese emergencies.

  3. seabird

    This store had an awful stench that made me not want to order sandwiches. Refrigerated items I bought there where often spoiled. This is an opportunity for something good to happen for some motivated business person! This block serves a major employer of about 200 people daily looking for something fun and interesting for lunch, plus a high number of foot traffic from those not working within the block and commuters waiting for the bus. While the Eastlake Market, Subway and Eastlake Teriaki does a very good job serving those patrons, there is a need for something different, because we are all sick of the choices offered on our 1/2 hour lunch breaks. Since the QuikStop space is not set up for a drive in window,and considering the amount of hungry foot traffic, I’d recommend a express walk up version of Taco Time,Taco Bell,Jack In the Box Mc Donalds, Kidd Valley,or even KFC……just saying…there is money to be made here4

  4. bill

    “I’d recommend a express walk up version of Taco Time,Taco Bell,Jack In the Box Mc Donalds, Kidd Valley,or even KFC”

    Ahhh yes, you’ve reminded me of all the times I’ve thought, while walking along Fairview near Lynn: If only we had a McDonalds there instead of Pete’s–surely that would improve our quality of life!

    And the Zoo/Carrot/Pazzo bldg at Eastlake+Lynn–what the hell are they doing in a place that’s perfect for a big Taco Bell?

    And what really bugs me: Patrick’s Fly Shop. Wouldn’t that cute little bldg be perfect for an express Taco Time? Or another Starbucks?

    Cheeses, pally–one of the most striking and charming features of Eastlake is the (relative) ABSENCE of chain and franchise retail businesses. Ever notice?

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