Eastlake Boulledrome – getting ready for the next season…

For anyone who is interested in the Petanque court on Fairview and Louisa – we have an update for you: Last weekend a guerilla crew of motivated neighbors went though the park and pulled weeds, picked up garbage and started raking the Petanque court. Today the Parks Department is placing mulch on the planted areas to help keep the weeds down. Kudos to Seattle Parks for being so responsive to us!

The next item on the list is to clean the court surface of all weeds and organic debris, rake it and smooth it out. We are contacting the Seattle Mariners again trying to get a fresh layer of pitching mound material (‘Turfus’) to the site. When that arrives we will get the court back into top-notch condition. If anyone wants to help out on the park, please contact 


This group is also working on a renovation concept for the Roanoke Streetend Park, which will hopefully take place this summer. See image attached. 

Stay tuned!

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