One Reel says there will be fireworks on the Fourth again this year

One Reel has just announced that there will be Fourth of July fireworks over Lake Union again this year.

One Reel says the multi-sponsor approach it turned to last year after it was unable to find a major sponsor for the show has proved to be a successful funding model. Returning sponsors from last year include Starbucks, Microsoft, Nordstrom, Charlie’s Produce and Tom Douglas Restaurants.

One Reel says it still needs to raise $200,000 in community-based pledges and corporate sponsorships by March 1. Anyone can donate at the Family Fourth website and also share what the July 4 fireworks mean to them.

Washington Mutual had sponsored the Lake Union fireworks display for many years, but that sponsorship was lost when WaMu went out of business. Chase, which bought out WaMu, filled in for 2009 but decided not to renew the sponsorship.

On March 31 of last year, One Reel announced that they hadn’t been able to find a sponsor to defray the event’s $500,000 cost and would have to cancel the show. Local restaurteur Tom Douglas and KIRO radio host Dave Ross stepped up and raised the money in a day.

Check out our video to see the scene at the 2010 Lake Union fireworks show.