FarmBoat Ends its 2010 season and Begins Planning for 2011 Improvements

As reported last week, this Thursday afternoon will be the last opportunity for shoppers to browse through the many local vendors at the FarmBoat in 2010. After today, it will be closed until its spring market, which is projected to start in late March, depending on the growing season. At today’s final 2010 winter market, the Farmboat’s usual vendors will be accompanied by music from the Seattle Waldorf School and food provided by Nollies.


With 2011 rapidly approaching, FarmBoat’s organizer, Captain David Petrich is already preparing for the spring season. Plans are currently in the works to obtain more vendors and to start a smaller market boat that will service communities along Lake Union and other local waterways. A few proposed stops include Eastlake’s own Terry Pettus Park and the Lynn Street Park near Pete’s Wine Shop. Other spots currently being discussed include locations near the Center for Wooden Boats, Gas Works Park and Auga Verde. Deliveries to these places will be arranged via an online pledge system, where customers can pre-order market fresh products on the FarmBoat website.


Captain Dave hopes that this smaller service will help bring farm fresh goods to neighborhoods without farmers markets. This healthy outlet he believes will help people obtain and eat the 17 to 22 pounds of fruits and vegetables a week that is recommended by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).