Wednesday snow thread: Schools closed, no trash pickup

UPDATE at 3:48 p.m.: Meant to post this sooner. Traffic moving fine on Eastlake Avenue E. It seems to be bare and mostly dry. Side streets still icy and tricky. Roanoke E. isn’t closed at Boylston but the sign says it’s restricted to “Local Access.” You can get through but take it slow!

UPDATE at 7 a.m.: It’s 24 degrees on my deck in Eastlake. Seattle Schools are closed again today. After saying it would be open, the UW changed course and will be closed again. 

The city won’t be picking up garbage today. If your garbage wasn’t picked up Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, you’ll be collected on those days next week. You will be able to put out twice the usual garbage. There’s no pick up on Thanksgiving day either.

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