Seattle Marathon takes to Eastlake streets (pix and video)

Thousands of runners participating in the Seattle Marathon made their way along streets at the edge of the Eastlake neighborhood this morning.

At 9 a.m., the corner of Roanoke and Boylston was crowded with runners making the turn onto the last stretch of the course. At that hour, runners were half-marathoners, I was told. 

Family and friends of runners were standing and sitting at the intersections on Boylston, holding signs, waving balloons and shouting encouragement to the runners.

Eastlake residents Jim Davenport and Dave and Erin Miner were waiting for Jim’s wife, Sarah, and her dad, Steve Miner, at the corner of Roanoke and Boylston. Also present was Steve’s wife and Sarah’s mom, Kathy. They’d been there about a half hour and were scanning the crowd, looking for Sarah in the sea of faces. (You can see them in the attached short video.)

From Eastlake, runners headed up over Lakeview Boulevard, then down to the southern end of Eastlake in the Cascade neighborhood before returning to the finish line at Seattle Center.

Check the Seattle Marathon’s website for information on finishing times.

Listen to this AudioBoo for the sounds of the race:


2 thoughts on “Seattle Marathon takes to Eastlake streets (pix and video)

  1. Jim Davenport

    It was great to see our picture on this blog!! My wife Sarah and her father Steve finished strong! The woman next to me is Kathy Miner, Sarah’s mom, Dave is Sarah’s brother, Erin is Dave’s wife.

    We all had a blast cheering the runners this morning. Saw several friends running by! Congrats to all those who ran the 5k, half, and full marathon!

  2. cdmilton

    Thanks for identifying Sarah’s mom. My brain wasn’t working. Realized I’d failed to get her name. Congrats to Sarah and Steve!

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