Metro to close five Route 70 stops in Eastlake on Oct. 30

King County Metro Transit has announced that it will be closing several stops on Route 70 between downtown and the University Bridge, including five stops in Eastlake.

The stops to be closed are:

  • Northbound at Fairview E. and Eastlake E.
  • North- and southbound at E. Boston
  • Southbound at E. Roanoke
  • Northbound at E. Edgar

As with a previous elimination of some stops on Route 49 on Harvard E., the purpose is to speed up buses, make the route more reliable and save energy. On its website, Metro explains:

Currently, the corridor has 35 bus stops between downtown Seattle and the University Bridge, with an average stop spacing of about 830 feet. The plan would remove seven of these stops, increasing the average spacing between stops to about 1,060 feet.

Metro’s website says approximately 13% of commuters who ride Route 70 between downtown and the bridge will have to get on at a different stop. The stops will be closed on Oct. 30.

If you’d like to comment on the closures, Metro has several methods for doing so listed on its website. The website also include an interactive map showing the stops being closed.

4 thoughts on “Metro to close five Route 70 stops in Eastlake on Oct. 30

  1. joshuadf

    I left a comment asking them to close additional stops. For example, there will still be stops on Eastlake at Lynn and Louisa–one block from each other! The one at E Lynn makes the most sense to keep because it is also a connection point for the 66 Express to Northgate.

  2. Chandira

    Closing stops is all very well if you have mobility! Joshua, I would find it hard to even make that one block trek some days. I can’t walk very far, and getting to stops far apart makes traveling by bus (and therefore anywhere for me, as I live alone and don’t drive), virtually impossible. I am all for keeping as many stops open as possible, since being on crutches for a large part of this year.
    I got to see another perspective on the world. The world of the mobile never thinks about these things, but I say people that need help need these stops.
    Having said that, this doesn’t directly affect me, but even so, I am sad to see stops getting closed.

    Keep ‘em open!

  3. joshuadf

    Chandira, people with disabilities or using crutches appreciate a smoother bus ride with fewer stops as much as anyone! We don’t have stops at every doorstep now and it makes sense to stop only every few blocks. That said, one reason Metro solicits feedback on the stop closures is to allow people with disabilities to let them know if the most convenient stop for them is being eliminated. Metro also operates scheduled door-to-door Access paratransit for people eligible for ADA service:

  4. Chandira

    Who are these people with crutches? I am one! And I don’t appreciate it!

    I let Metro know my thoughts, and it’s clear that they also don’t understand what people with mobility issues need. We don’t need faster busses or smoother rides, we need more stops so we don’t have to walk as far to get on the bus in the first place!

    Thanks though. But you missed the point. Spend 3 months living on crutches, and you might understand the issue. Sorry if I sound a little negative, I don’t mean to come across angry, but it is frustrating.

    Thankfully, I am getting better, being able to walk further now, but I have a whole new appreciation for people who can’t walk! It is no fun when people don’t understand what you need.

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