Confused by the ballot? Jules offers recommendations

We’re not making official election endorsements here at Eastlake Ave. (although it’s tempting), but Jules James, the proprietor at Lake Union Mail, is. Well, not endorsements but “recommendations.”

Jules has issued his annual recommendations for down-ballot races and issues for several years, he says. If you’re swamped by this year’s big ballot and need an opinion or two to spark your own internal debate, you can get a copy of Jules’ recommendations in print at his store at 75 E. Louisa. I’ve also attached a PDF to this post.

It’s interesting reading and, I have to say, I’m not totally in agreement with all of his recommendations. But, that’s how democracy works.

In an e-mail, Jules explains the origins of the recommendations:

Over the years, enough Mail Forward customers have asked for recommendations on the down-ballot judges and issues that we now print up full recommendations for both primary and general elections. They aren’t a duplicate of my ballot, but more an interpretation of mainstream Lake Union with help from some of my politico friends. Sometimes I even split the recommendation: “If you are conservative, vote____, liberals will be more comfortable ______”.  This year there weren’t any liberal verses conservative, moral or ethical choices — only Good Government choices. 

All voting is by mail this year and you should have your ballot by now. It needs to be postmarked by election day and you’ll need a first class stamp. Didn’t get a ballot or have questions? Check the website for the King County Elections Division.

What do you think? How are you voting on the races and issues on this year’s ballot? How do you see them affecting Seattle and Eastlake? Post your thoughts in the comments. And remember: Be nice!

One thought on “Confused by the ballot? Jules offers recommendations

  1. minorgal

    I completely disagree with Jules’ recommendations on all the initiatives except for 1105 and 1107. I also voted no on those. However, I recommend a Yes vote on I-1098 and R-52! 1098 would provide revenue our state needs and would start to correct WA’s regressive tax system. R-52 would benefit out children, make their schools healthier places to learn and provide valuable jobs! I agree with Jules on all the legislative candidate recommendations, however.

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