Dog Police!

The Dog Police are prowling Rogers Playfield around 6:00 PM citing owners for off-leash violations.  Tickets were written the evenings of Wednesday Sept 22 and Thursday Sept 23.   

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  1. Kathi Woods


    What can the neighborhood do to create a small off-leash dog area in the large area of Rogers Play field. Meeting neighbors and their dogs here has been the best community building experience I’ve had in Eastlake since I moved here 30 years ago.

    The off-leash area under the freeway is ridiculous! Some dogs are afraid of the noise and most don’t like running over the rocks. I’ve never seen more than one other dog there. So, back to the question:
    What is the first step we can take to make an area for dogs to play
    together in our neighborhood?

  2. bill

    “What can the neighborhood do to create a small off-leash dog area in the large area of Rogers Play field”

    Are you suggesting installing a fence within Rogers, reducing the usable area of the field that children use for soccer and baseball? How else would the boundaries of “a small off-leash dog area” be enforced? A stripe painted on the grass that dogs would never cross?

    I’m inferring an assumption here that an off-leash dog area is an unqualified “good.”

  3. Susan Wilder

    Ugly, sarcastic, divisive remarks like Bill’s get this project and our neighborhood no further along in resolving the problem of where people with pets can legally have a social gathering in the evenings. The sting of Bill’s efforts to hurl acidic remarks, creating disharmony and acrimony, convinces me that this issue is going to be a Parks Department problem to solve. That is probably the more appropriate forum for objective and civil exchange of ideas.

  4. terri

    I’d like to know about this too if someone is trying to change rogers playfield. It’s the only safe childrens play area in eastlake that I know about and there’s already a dog offleash park a few blocks south in collonnade park.

    I’m surprised someone would call questions about taking away a safe childrens play area “ugly, divisive, acidic, disharmony, acrimony”… this seems like a silly overreaction to simple questions. Are you trying to say that parents who want to keep the only safe childrens space in eastlake are ugly, divisive, acidic, etc? This is not a civil reply to a simple question is it? It’s really odd…I don’t think parents or children appreciate it.

    The “problem” is not that there’s no dog park in eastlake because there is one. The problem is that you don’t like the existing dog park and you want to take a safe children’s play area for another one! That’s greed. And who says you can’t legally meet with others for a social gathering in rogers anyway? Your welcome there! Just keep your pets leashed or go to collonnade!

    Your trying to create an ugly atmosphere with name calling of people you happen to disagree with. If you reply to this, please do not call me names too!

    (hubby just asked: maybe your one of the ones who got a ticket and your mad about it?)

    Anyway I’ll let other parents know about this.

  5. ktula

    I think there are some misconceptions out there that leashed dogs are allowed on Rogers Playfield. Per Seattle’s Municipal code, “Dogs are not allowed at organized athletic fields, beaches, or children’s play areas in Seattle parks.”

    @terri: Have you actually been to the off-leash area in Collonnade Park? If you have, you would not have brought it up. I have been to Collonnade Park with my dog once and that was the final time. That off-leash area is nothing but a fenced-in “construction” site with rocks and dirt. I think most dog owners are not exactly training their dogs to hike Mt Everest, so no thank you. Whoever thought of Collonnade Park and planned it as an off-leash dog park should really be fired. It is a complete waste of tax payers’ money.

    I believe Rogers Playfield is simply too small to share between kids and our four-legged friends. Occasionally, i would find poops left behind by some irresponsible dog owners. The thought of kids running and rolling on grass next to some pile of dog poops really disgusts me. Until the city changes the municipal code against having dogs on playgrounds, it may be better – it won’t be easy – to find another location in our tiny Eastlake community.

  6. pickupthepoop

    I think there are two separate issues here. It’s pretty obvious that the municipal code prohibits dogs on Rogers field. I think kids and adults are entitled to a poop-free and dog-free place to run around, toss a frisbee, etc. Period.

    The other issue is the “dog park” under I5. It is totally inadequate. My dog won’t run on the rocks (who picked that footing??) and even if she did, she can’t even do a small lap in there because the space is so weird and narrow. I went there a lot when we first moved to Eastlake and rarely saw another dog there. Often did see homeless people though. I’m not comfortable going there alone, so that’s another limiting factor. I agree that this is a total waste of space and tax payer money, and not at all equal to a grassy or mulched open (safe!!) area where dogs can run. That doesn’t make it ok for dogs to run around on Rogers field though.

    As much as I wish that Eastlake had a usable off-leash area, we have to remember that dog parks are a luxury. I think our views get skewed because Seattle is so dog friendly, and we can start to feel entitled to a dog park. I would absolutely love to brainstorm ways to create a suitable off-leash area in Eastlake (maybe someone wants to donate thier back yard??) – it pains me to drive all the way to Magnuson to let my dog run around. But I don’t think dog owners should be breaking the law and letting their dogs run loose on the field.

    If someone would like to organize an effort to create a usable off-leash area in Eastlake, I’d love to help. I just don’t know where to start.

  7. bill

    I’ve discussed this with a few neighbors. As above posters note, this is DOA, no way. Rogers is used by hundreds of children daily. There will be no off-leash dog park there.

    Thanks to above poster for this link:
    “Please note: Dogs are not allowed at organized athletic fields, beaches, or children’s play areas in Seattle parks, per the Seattle Municipal Code. They are welcome on leash everywhere else in our park system, and we offer 11 wonderful off-leash areas where they can romp without leashes.”

    Good reminder: NO dogs are allowed at Rogers, on- or off-leash.

    It’s time for habitual violators to get with the program or pay up. As a life-long dog owner, I know most of us are responsible and recognize our obligation to obey the law. Irresponsible dog owners who flout the law create problems–by association–for the rest of us. I have a fairly clear view of Rogers. So, fyi, when a violation is seen, the police non-emergency number is: (206) 625-5011. I’ll use it.

    Seattle is a diverse city with diverse opinions. Naturally, one finds disagreement about political issues–and this is political because it involves opinions about allocating a scarce resource.

    To try to demonize an opponent with a pre-emptive strike of hysterical shrieks and invective such as: “Ugly, sarcastic, divisive, sting, acidic, disharmony, acrimony…”–what should we make of it? It appears to be an arrogant attempt to bully and intimidate someone with a different opinion. Frankly, this is malignant. One wonders where such a person is from. Chicago?

  8. victor, only visiting

    funny thread. re keeping rogers children’s playfield free from dogs and excrement, why not invoke that mantra we heard during the Clinton era:

    ————> “For…the children!” < ---------

    I doubt that a land-grab, somebody trying to seize a children’s play area, would go over very well no matter how obnoxiously the proponents spew their screams and hollers. I guess for some people, 11-12 doggie off-leash parks in the city aren’t enough.

    I walked thru that under freeway park the other day, and while the brown/gray motif isn’t to my taste, it’s there so why not use it?

    On the other hand, this is the city (county?) that spent millions to renovate the kingdome, and *after* spending millions on the renovation, decided: What the heck, let’s blow it up! What the hey, right? Was it two or only one worker killed during the kingdome remodel?

    Hey–why not just demolish that section of I-5 that’s over the dog park? Let the sunshine in, grow nice green grass! Re-route the I-5 traffic onto Eastlake and Lakeview.

    I lived on capitol hill years ago, am just visiting friends in the neighborhood, but I have a question and proposal: Why is parking allowed on only one side of Minor? I was looking to park my SUV the other night and had a hard time finding a space. Why not allow parking on both sides, like on nearly all the other streets in Eastlake? What’s so special about Minor?

  9. quentin

    Susan Wilder, would you kindly ask a moderator to remove that pile of excrement you dumped above without bothering to clean up after yourself?

    Are you one of those uglies I’ve witnessed in the Eastlake neighborhood who allows her dog to dump on parking strips without bothering to pick it up? Careful–someone’s going to snap a photo of you in the act, and post it.

    In case you didn’t know, not picking up a dump by you or your dog is illegal. This forum, and your neighbors’s lawns, do not exist for your dog’s convenience. Nor yours.

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