Thanks to neighbors, Eastlake tree gets life-saving pruning

An ailing tree in the Hamlin Street-end park was given a second chance at life today after it received a professional pruning thanks to its neighbors.

As we previously reported, the tree suffered badly during the cold winter of 2008-09. Parts of it were badly damaged and the tree was in danger of being removed. The city said it would replace the tree with a new one, but agreed to let neighbors try to save it with a professional pruning.

Two neighbors of the tree, Ruth Kunath and April Boyd, took on the project and gathered donations from neighbors to pay for the pruning. Mark Herkert of Madison Park Tree did the pruning between 10 and noon Thursday morning. A nearby crabapple tree was also trimmed.

In an e-mail, Kunath thanked Madison Park Tree for its work. “The eucalyptus is now pruned of dead wood, allowing the remaining energy of the tree to focus on new growth,” she writes. “Best trees in any neighborhood now!”

Kunath praised the street end neighborhood for coming together to help preserve the eucalyptus tree.

The tree looks remarkable better. The numerous dead branches are mostly gone, allowing the healthy green leaves to show.

Donors to the project were:

  • Chris Christensen
  • Kathy and Steve Strawn
  • Yong-Joo and Harry Hsiung
  • Jamie Ziegler
  • Mike Dederer
  • Toby Diamond
  • Marty Burkland
  • Betsey and Bob Blossey
  • Yvonne and Dave Jones
  • Ed Peterson
  • Michael Monnahan
  • Rick and Joyce Miner
  • Ruth Kunath
  • April Boyd