Movie Night is Saturday; here’s some ‘Up’ trivia

Are you ready for Eastlake Movie Night 2010?

“Up,” Disney/Pixar’s animated film from last summer, will be screened on the lawn at Rogers Playfield, starting at dusk on Saturday evening. It’s free but the Eastlake Community Council is asking for a $5 donation if you can afford it.

Alcena Plum, owner/chef at Louisa’s, says she’ll be providing free popcorn. You’re also encouraged to bring your own food and picnic on the lawn. 

“Up,” which tells the story of a senior citizen who floats his house to South American in search of adventure, was another big hit for Disney/Pixar. It features the voices of Ed Asner, Christopher Plummer and Delroy Lindo.

And now, on to some “Up” trivia, courtesy of the Internet Movie Database:

  • In “Up,” Pixar’s “good luck charm,” actor John Ratzenberger, continued the tradition of having a speaking part in every Pixar film. He’s the only actor to be in every Pixar film.
  • How many balloons does it take to lift Carl’s house? In the movie, there are 20,622 attached to the house. In real life, it would take more than 12 million balloons (12,658,392, to be exact) to get the house into the air.
  • Carl’s face and gruff voice are based on actors Walter Matthau and Spencer Tracy.
  • Russell’s Wilderness Explorer sash has several in-joke icons on it, according to the Internet Movie Database, including a ball from Pixar’s first short, Luxo Jr., the pinwheel “hang” icon from the Macintosh OS X software (Steve Jobs, Apple co-founder, owned Pixar before selling to Disney), and a piece of perforated paper that 2-D animators use to line up their drawings.
  • Pete Doctor, who directed the film, does most of the vocal sounds for Kevin, the giant bird.
  • “Up” is the only best-picture nominee to have only two letters in it’s title.

For more “Up” trivia, go to the Internet Movie Database’s trivia page here.