Eastlake liquor license changes: 14 Carrot gets OK, Siam moving

There’s news about liquor licenses at two Eastlake restaurants:

  • 14 Carrot Cafe: A brand-new license for the 14 Carrot was recently approved. They’re now serving wine and beer, with mimosas (champagne and orange juice) for breakfast (and lunch, I guess, if you’re so inclined). Other specialties include a Bloody Mary made with saki, a Bloody Terry (adds ginger and carrot juice to the tomato-based drink) and a Red Eye (a beer-based Bloody Mary). Plus, they have a selection of wine and beer, including imports.
  • Siam on Lake Union: The Thai restaurant on Fairview E. has applied to move their liquor license out to new digs at 1629 Eastlake Ave. E. (see map), in the new building across the street from Grand Central. No word on when the restaurant will open in its new quarters but there’s been lots of activity in the space as it’s built out.

2 thoughts on “Eastlake liquor license changes: 14 Carrot gets OK, Siam moving

  1. Chris Bell

    This is interesting. I have been asking for mimosas at the 14c for 3 years now. I am very curious about what is going to happen with Siam. I really like the food there, but they do need a new building, the atmosphere is kind of weak. Eastlake is kind of turning into a fancy eating place.

    Oh, and I drove by the old Stix, which is now called Citrus and I was shocked. It seems like Jersey Shore will be filming some episodes there. Crazy packed full of BMW 3 series leases. As long as that genre stays south of the credit union, we should be ok.

  2. Chandira

    I moved to Eastlake last week from Ravenna/U District, and have really enjoyed the restaurants I’ve been to!
    14 carrots for breakfast on Saturday, Hiroshi’s for sushi on Friday night, Louisa’s for lunch on Sunday, Eastlake Bar & Grill last night, and Serafina’s last Monday. All good so far!

    I don’t drink much at all, so the liquor license thing makes little difference to me, but I did have a nice glass of Pinot on the deck of the Eastlake Bar & Grill last night!

    Thanks for the BMW warning Chris! ;-)

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