July 5 clean up under way in Eastlake

The July 5 post-fireworks clean-up event, sponsored by Starbucks, is under way in Eastlake.

Scores of volunteers gathered at Rogers Playfield this morning to begin picking up neighborhood litter after last night’s fireworks show. Starbucks was providing shirts, coffee, food, plastic bags, work gloves and litter pick-up tools to those participating. There was even a shuttle bus to help people get around the neighborhood.

The event runs until 2 p.m. today.

Some areas, such as Fairview, were surprisingly clean despite the crowds that came for the fireworks. Sides streets like E. Lynn and Minor Ave. E. seemed to have more empty cans and bottles and spent fireworks. I did see a Parks Department truck coming down Fairview, picking up bagged trash just before the fireworks began, so that may have helped.

Volunteers were being asked to sort out recyclables. Litter and recyclables were being left in several locations to be picked up later.

The clean-up route included Eastlake Avenue E., Fairview Avenue E. and E. Boston and E. Roanoke west of Eastlake. But, enterprising volunteers were fanning out to other streets looking for trash.

Volunteers came from all over the city and region. I talked to people from the University District, Wallingford, Beacon Hill, West Seattle and even Auburn. A couple of people said they used to live in Eastlake and wanted to come help. Several said they enjoyed the fireworks and wanted to do their part to clean up after the event.

Volunteers will be eating lunch at Rogers Playfield until 12:30 p.m. If you know of an area that needs attention, stop by the green tent and let them know where to head out to for their afternoon.