Dogs and their owners in Eastlake

I am amazed at how many people have dogs in Eastlake.   But what amazes me even more is how many dog owners will walk their dog onto my property so the dog can go to the bathroom.  I am not talking about the edge of the lawn, I am talking about the middle of my lawn and sometimes right next to my house. And this happens when I am outside watching them.  Out of respect alone, people should not do this.  There are also issues of liability.  

I like dogs but I think people should not step onto another person’s property so their dog can find the perfect place to relieve themself.     The majority of the time owners clean up after their dogs but I have to pick up dog poop about once a week in my lawn.   And, I am always dodging poop on the grassy  curb areas.

I am curious to here how others in the neighborhood feel about this.

4 thoughts on “Dogs and their owners in Eastlake

  1. bill

    Dog owners should train their dogs to defecate on the owner’s lawn or on the parking strip nearest the owner’s home. It’s quite simple. My family trained our dogs to do this. It’s easy and avoids the incredible rudeness to neighbors and the resultant ill-will.

    Several times in the past few years, I’ve seen a heavy-set woman, 40-50ish, with a medium/smallish gold-colored fox-type breed [don't know the name], allow her dog to defecate on parking strips, and SHE DOESN’T PICK IT UP. I intentionally didn’t confront her, as she appears extremely unpleasant. I’m flabbergasted at the gross rudeness.

  2. Brad

    I’ve stepped In Dog Poop twice this week the first time I just was getting out of my car after parking on Boston and bam right there in the grass a smoked by a pile of turds. Then today I’m walking to Pazzo’s to get a take out pie and get hit when crossing through the grass. These people have to be stopped. If I ever catch one of you degenerates not picking up your dog crap, we’re fighting. In other words, I’m going to passive aggresively hurl my fist into your face.

  3. bill

    Brad, I don’t blame you. More than a few of our “neighbors” do this regularly–I’ve witnessed several, repeatedly not cleaning up. See my post above for description of one obnoxious asshole.

    I’ll start carrying a phone/camera, will snap photos, and see if our Eastlake blogmaster will post them. If he does not, then I’ll cease to read this blog and will encourage others to do the same.

    Not cleaning up after one’s dog is the most utterly anti-social, anti-neighborly act imagineable.

  4. Greg Lemieux

    This is an old thread but ill respond anyway. We wonder what’s up with dog owners? We once had a tenant who deposited a bale of hay next to the front door so her dogs could poop while she stood under the canopy. It looked like a huge chocolate chip cookie, yum.

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