Ailing tree in Eastlake’s Hamlin Street End Park needs your help

Neighbors of the Hamlin Street End Park are raising money to have a damaged eucalyptus tree located in the park pruned in hopes of reviving it.

Ruth Kunath lives near the park and, along with Barbara McPherson, has adopted it and looks out for it. She says they have been working with Joshua Erickson, an arboriculturist with the City of Seattle, to have the eucalyptus tree assessed. The tree was damaged by winter cold.

Kunath says the city offered to remove the tree and replace it with a new, indigenous tree. But, Kunath says, the city agreed to let the neighbors attempt to prune, reshape and restore the tree “in hopes it recovers.”

She adds:

“Eucalyptus tree are typically long lived in the perfect climate. The tree is approximately twenty years old, young in ‘eucalyptus years,’ and has a graceful, high canopy over the park.”

Right now, Kunath and another neighbor, April Boyd, are soliciting bids from tree pruning companies and raising donations from the community to pay for the work. They estimate it will cost approximately $400-$500 for the pruning.

They don’t have a formal non-profit organization to do this, Kunath says. Donation checks will be written directly to the tree pruning company.

If you’d like to donate, contact Kunath at She’ll have the details on the pruning company and where to send your donation.