First Week of Summer Dinner at Nettletown this week, evening meals soon

News from Nettletown, Christina Choi’s wild food restaurant at Eastlake and Lynn:

  • First Week of Summer Dinner: 7 p.m. this Friday, June 25, $35. Christina says they’ll be celebrating the season (yes, it really is summer) with “a bounty of summer produce and wild things — fresh bamboo shoots, peas, morels, porcini, seabeans, asparagus, new potatoes, halibut, cherries, elderflowers …” Food will be raw, pickled, steamed, roasted. Reservations at or 206-588-3606.

  • Friday and Saturday night dinners: Coming starting July 11. Check their website closer to the date for more info, Christina’s e-mail says.
  • Fourth of July: Nettletown will be the restaurant of choice at the Minor Avenue Fourth of July party. They’ll be barbecuing on Minor at the party, which is just south of Lynn Street from 3 p.m. until the food runs out, Christina says.
  • New menu: More sandwiches and other small changes, Christina says. Plus, she’s added a dessert menu.