Farmer’s Market/Street Festival

With basically every other community in Seattle having a Farmer’s Market and Street Festival (now Madrona claiming its on this upcoming July 24), curious if there was any movement on anything Eastlake-based?

4 thoughts on “Farmer’s Market/Street Festival

  1. Karalee Sargent

    I know a few fellow Eastlakers who would love to have a Farmer’s Market and we’ve all wondered about it. We’re jealous of all the other neighborhoods who have started their own… I’d be happy to volunteer a bit of time if anyone wants to take the lead in planning.

  2. Heather Seymour

    I’ve also been wondering about the possibility of a farmer’s market in our neighborhood and came across a recent article in Seattle Magazine about our city’s farmer’s markets and their possible expansions:

    While I would certainly love a farmer’s market we could walk to, there are some close ones (particularly the one in South Lake Union that I didn’t know existed prior to this article) that might make the opening of an Eastlake market seem not viable, especially to farmers who are attending plenty of markets per week already. Then again, Belltown gets their own farmer’s market while Pike Place is blocks away.

    All that aside though, I would certainly support one here!

  3. Kate

    There’s been discussion…very early on discussion. Having been involved with starting up a very successful farmer’s market, I can tell you, it’s a LOT of work…but a very wonderful idea

  4. Alan

    I posted a comment a long time ago on this site wondering if people would be interested in creating a farmers market in seattle.

    I would compltely support the idea and offer up some of my time to help organize. I do agree that it is a LOT of work to set one. Can someone reintroduce this idea to Eastlake Community Council.

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