Eastlake resident is named Seattle’s Sexiest Blogger

And, no, it’s not me! The winner, named last night at SeattleWeekly.com’s Best of the Web 2010 Awards, is Monica Guzman.

Guzman, until recently the main writer for SeattlePi.com’s Big Blog, moved to Eastlake last summer with her fiance, Jason Preston. She left the P-I last month to join a local startup, Intersect.

She tells TechFlash‘s John Cook:

“It is a little bit bittersweet to think that I just left the visible blogger position at the P-I, but more than that it is awkward.”

I sat next to Monica for a couple of years at the P-I where we both worked on the paper’s website. Monica was the one who harangued me into trying Facebook and Twitter (still using both every day), and who answered my endless questions about new websites and proper blog netiquette. I, in turn, explained old pop culture references and related how the news used to be delivered by oxcart and covered wagon, not the Internet.

Monica and Jason will be getting married later this summer. I’m taking bets that all the Tweeting at the ceremony will make them a top trending topic on Twitter!

Congratulations, Monica!

To read more of Cook’s story (he also blogged for the P-I and was once more informally crowned Seattle’s Sexiest Blogger by Dan Savage), click here.

And, a tip of the hat to the WestSeattleBlog, named the city’s best neighborhood blog at the same event. Congrats, Tracy and Patrick!

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  1. Monica Guzman

    … and check out the rest of the nominees: @busterbenson, @andrialindquist @chefreinvented and @seattlefoodgeek.

    Miss sitting near you! Ah, the good old days.

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