Third slip is sold at Wards Cove houseboat development

A third houseboat slip has been sold at the Wards Cove development in the 2800 block of Fairview Avenue E.

The newly sold slip is number nine, which sits on the northwest corner of the Wards Cove dock. That leaves nine slips yet to sell. Officials at Wards Cove say that, due to more strict shoreline regulations, these may be the last slips to ever be developed on Lake Union.

When I toured the development in March, Joel Blair, director of real estate for Wards Cove, said he thought the first houseboats might show up on the dock in the fall. The houseboat at slip number eight is a “green” design that will be built mainly at the dock. The float and shell of houseboat number 11 are being built off-site.

Wards Cove has posted a link to video showing the float for one of the houseboats hitting the water on the Ship Canal in Fremont on April 26.

Blair noted that even after the dock is built out, the small beach at the site will remain open to the public.