Lots of riders on Eastlake for Bike to Work Day

UPDATE: This story has been modified since it was first posted. A report of a bike accident has been added.

2:57 p.m.: Central District News reports a vehicle-bike accident at Eastlake Avenue E. and E. Edgar. Medic crews responded. No more details available.


The bicycle lanes on Eastlake Ave. are busy this morning as people are riding in larger numbers than usual as part of Bike to Work Day.

REI’s commute station at the south end of University Bridge was hopping at 7 a.m. They have free water bottles, Clif Bars and, major score, free Smartwool socks. You can also enter the F5 Bike to Work Day drawing for a bike there. They’ll be there until 9 a.m. and won’t be back for the evening commute so stop by now.

Many of the people riding down Eastlake were stopping at the REI commute station. Some of the riders look like regular road warriors, others like they were making a special effort for the day. There were the usual street bikes and even some recumbent bikes. Cool stuff!

Watch for bike riders along Eastlake Ave. this morning and be sure to give them some room. The northern end of Eastlake Ave. is nortorious for bike accidents. The Seattle Times is reporting this morning that the University Bridge, especially the northern end, is among the most dangerous places to ride a bicycle in Seattle.

For more information, see our previous post.

One thought on “Lots of riders on Eastlake for Bike to Work Day

  1. striatic

    i ride across the bridge all the time, and the north end is truly, truly horrible.

    if you’re turning right to curl under the bridge to get on the burke-gilman, it isn’t so bad, but you have to shift from the right side of the lane to the left while going downhill in order to end up on the bike lane under the bridge. awkward.

    if you take the right turn into the U District, you have to pass by / criss-cross with traffic trying to curl under the bridge. if you want to keep heading north, the situation is even worse since you’re effectively cutting across both “exits”. i usually ride that whole section with my left hand out in order to indicate to the drivers that i don’t plan on turning right and that if they want to do so they’re going to have to wait until i’m clear.

    heading south on the north end is also really bad, since you have to cross what is effectively a merge lane in order to get into the bike lane, among other problems.

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