Eastlake gets a new traffic cam on City’s website

The City of Seattle has made 38 new traffic cams around town available on its website, including a cam at Eastlake Avenue E. and Harvard Ave. E.

As you can see from the photo, the camera shows the view from the intersection of Eastlake and Harvard looking north toward the University Bridge.

The Seattle Department of Transportation says in a press release:

The public is using information from the cameras to help make travel decisions, and SDOT traffic engineers are using the information to identify locations where they can make changes to improve traffic flow.

All of the City’s cameras are located on its Travelers Map website at http://web5.seattle.gov/travelers/.

This month, SDOT also unveiled eight new Dynamic Message Signs that provide traffic info. And, they’ll add a few more cameras, including one at Broadway and Roy, by August, although there won’t be any more in Eastlake.