We’re a year old! Happy birthday to Eastlake Ave.

The date slipped past me a couple of weeks ago: the Eastlake Ave. blog turned 1 year old on April 3! Happy birthday!

Who knew when we put up that first post that we’d still be here a year later? And who knew how appreciative Eastlake folks would be of the blog and it’s coverage of the neighborhood?

Personally, the last year has been one of the best ever. This is the third time I’ve lived in Eastlake (since 2000 on this round). I’ve been on a houseboat, in an apartment with roommates and now in a condo on Franklin. I lived here but I didn’t really know the neighborhood.

The blog changed all of that.

I’ve learned more about Eastlake in the last year, and met more people who live here, than I did in the many years before. I’m proud to call many of you “friends.”

Eastlake may be one of Seattle’s smallest neighborhoods but it has the best neighbors and biggest spirit in the city. Anyone who thinks Seattle is aloof and unfriendly should move to Eastlake and spend some time getting to know the place. There’s a real sense of community here that is inspiring and touching.

The blog wouldn’t happen without all the great people who help to write and report it (anyone is welcome to conribute), who send me tips and information, and those who say thanks. I’d name people but I don’t want to leave anyone out and you all know who you are. Thanks!

As I tell people, this is the third time I’ve lived in Eastlake and this time I think it’s going to stick! Onward!