Video: Eastlake Heritage Trees are dedicated

The four Eastlake Heritage Trees were dedicated on Saturday.

Four trees at the foot of E. Roanoke officially became the newest honorees in the City of Seattle’s Heritage Tree program during a dedication ceremony yesterday.

The trees — three willows and a poplar — stand in the street end park where Roanoke meets Fairview. Trees are selected for the program because they have historic or landmark importance; are exceptional in size, form or rarity; or are part of a notable collection.

As Cass Turnbull, founder of Plant Amnesty, noted during the dedication, although the four Eastlake trees may be “fast-growing, weak-wooded and short-lived … I think you will agree with me … (willows and poplars) are among the most spectacular trees in the world.”

Kathy Austin, an Eastlake resident and neighbor of the trees, nominated them for the Heritage program. Neighbors Patricia and Peter Ostrander paid for the plaque that now sits with the trees. The dedication on the plaque was written by Arthur Lee Jacobson, author of “Trees of Seattle.”

After the dedication, those attending toasted the trees’ health with sparkling cider.

These appear to be the only Heritage Trees in the Eastlake neighborhood. The closest tree to Eastlake listed in the Heritage program is a European white elm in Roanoke Park. 

The video shows the trees and highlights of the dedication:

Eastlake Heritage Trees Dedication from Curt Milton on Vimeo.

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