‘The Off Hours’ film crew hard at work at the Zoo

The cast and crew for the independent film “The Off Hours” are hard at work filming scenes inside the Eastlake Zoo.

The film is set in a small, truck-stop town outside Seattle and tells the story of people who have drifted there and find their situation is far from what they had hoped for in life. The Zoo is playing the part of the local watering hole where some of the characters gather.

Megan Griffiths, a veteran of the Seattle independent film community, wrote and is directing the film.

Howard Brown and Lief Frederick of the Zoo are both playing extras in the film.

“We’re sitting at the bar,” Lief joked. “I’ve had practice!”

Lief says the production arrived about 6:30 a.m. and was scheduled to be done by 4 p.m., at which time the bar will reopen. But, things were running a little late, he said, so they might not make the 4 p.m. opening. They’ll be on roughly the same schedule on Monday, he says.

The production was on a short break in the noon hour as they set up for a scene featuring a band.

For more on “The Off Hours,” see our previous post. The film’s website has more details on the cast, crew and plot (and they’re looking for supporters).

2 thoughts on “‘The Off Hours’ film crew hard at work at the Zoo

  1. Biff

    Funny. I attempted to go to the zoo twice when I lived in the area. Neither time would the bartender even look up to see I was there. I wasn’t hipster enough for them and had a decent paying job so I guess I understand. At least they didn’t follow me across the street and beat me like they did earlier this year.

  2. Walt

    Sorry you couldn’t get a drink at the Zoo. I’ve never had a problem with service there. Being hip certainly isn’t a problem at the Zoo and a lot of working people drop by after work for a brew. I’m sure it had nothing to do with your attitude. By the way the Eastlake Zoo had NOTHING to do with the incident you mention. Nobody from the Zoo had anything to do with it. People lied to the police and that was what was in the police report. When the accurate information came out, the Eastlake Zoo Tavern, none of the employees of the tavern or the people involved in this fight were associated with the Zoo as far as this incident is concerned. In fact it was precipitated at another neighborhood establishment. Perhaps the record should have been set straight on this matter earlier. Better luck next time……… bitter Biff…..

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