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They’re blowing bubbles at the Zoo

Went to the Zoo last night to meet friends and quaff a cold ones.

What should we all be greeted with at the door? A bubble machine happily sending soapy spheres out into the early spring night. 

The barkeep on duty said Mojo, a Zoo employee, puts the battery-operated machine out when he’s in the mood. A load of soap gives you about 10 minutes or so of bubbles, she said.

The bubbles refract the light from the Zoo’s many neon signs and many managed to float into the Eastlake and Lynn intersection before bursting.

The bubble machine isn’t a big deal, just one of those little eccentric surprises that remind you why Eastlake is such a great place to live. Thanks, Mojo!

Eastlake business notes: Bagünca opens; Louisa’s changes dinner date

Bagünca Boutique, the new women’s apparel store next to Jaxx, at 2345 Eastlake Ave. E., has opened. According to, they’re having a 15 percent off sale. Designers featured at the store include BCBG, Free People, Alice + Olivia and Trina Turk. 

Hours are 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Monday-Thursday, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. on Friday and Saturday, and 10 a.m.-4 p.m. on Sunday.

Alcena Plum from Louisa’s Cafe Bakery, says she’s delayed their first Sunday Communal Dinner (she and her husband, Jonathan, are hosting) from next Sunday to 6:30 p.m. on May 2. 

Louisa’s chef Chris Adkins is preparing a four-course meal that will be served family style. Cost is $40 for the meal and $25 for the wine pairing. Entrees are Alaskan halibut, butterflied cornish game hens and grilled baby zucchini.

There are only 20 spaces. Reserve your spot by e-mailing or call 206-325-0081.

Preview the new LED streetlights coming (probably) to Eastlake

LED streetlights at E. Aloha and 10th Ave. E. ( photo)

Seattle City Councilman Bruce Harrell lead a media tour Tuesday evening to City Light’s Lighting Design Lab in SoDo to show off the new LED streetlights that are being installed around town.

This was followed by a visit to West Seattle to see the new lights in action.

Eastlake Avenue E. is probably going to get some of these lights during a relamping (see our previous post), which use new LED bulbs that last longer and costs less to operate. They also have a whiter color than the orangish sodium vapor lights we’ve all gotten used to in the last several decades.

The current phase of the relamping project was supposed to start at Denny Way at the end of March and work north, so our turn is coming.

I wasn’t able to attend Tuesday’s demonstration and tour to West Seattle to see the lights in action (although I’ve seen them on Capitol Hill), but fortunately the West Seattle Blog was able to go. They have an excellent post up with photos and video showing the difference in the lights.

In an article written in February, Harrell and City Light Superintendent Jorge Carrasco said approximately 5,000 LED lights will be installed in this first round. Eventually, all 84,000 city streetlights will be replaced with the new technology.

Thanks to the West Seattle Blog for the great post.

State patrol apprehends suspected car thieves with help from A LOT of cop cars

Capitol Hill Seattle reports on the second stolen car incident in the Eastlake area today, this one involving a state trooper who had stopped a suspected stolen car on E. Roanoke near the I-5 off ramp around 5:30 p.m.

CHS quotes Central District News as saying the trooper had one suspect in custody but another fled and was wearing handcuffs. From the CHS story:

One witness said the suspect was seen jumping down an embankment from Roanoke. After a near hour-long search around Roanoke, Delmar Drive and Boyer, a trooper apprehended the second suspect at Hamlin and 10th Ave.

Read the whole CHS story here.

State Troopers arrest 2 for stealing a vehicle

We don’t have many details but the police activity at Boylston and Lynn this afternoon was a stolen car case. reports that State Police arrested two men around 4:20 p.m. today in connection with a stolen vehicle. One Eastlake Ave. reader reported seeing five Seattle Police cars at the scene and that the two men were lead away in handcuffs.

No other details are available at this time.

Equinox Apartments set to hold its fourth happy hour event

The hardest part of meeting your neighbor is the introduction. Equinox Apartments hopes to alleviate this by holding its fourth happy hour for Equinox community members and Eastlake residents. The event takes place this upcoming Thursday, April 15 from 6 – 8 p.m. in their Jewel Box Concierge Building, at 1520 Eastlake Ave. E.

During the event, guests will have the opportunity to mix and mingle with their neighbors while enjoying light beverages and snacks.

Riverstone Residential, the property manager for Equinox Apartments, has decided to host these bi-monthly Equinox happy hours in order to open the doors of their property to the surrounding Eastlake neighborhood and further the sense of community in the area.

“We see a lot of people who are very curious about our building and just want to check out their neighbors,” said Equinox Leasing Specialist Cara Cox. “They’ve been watching this building getting built over the last two years in their neighborhood and want to know what kind neighbors they are going to have. Equinox happy hour is an invitation to Equinox residents as well as Eastlake community members to get to know each other better.”

Due to the large popularity of Equinox happy hour, Riverstone is hoping to keep these events as bi-monthly activities for the Eastlake community.

For more information about Equinox happy hour and their other events, check out Equinox Apartments on Facebook

Eastlake in the media: Seattle Mag likes us; Mary Hansen has style

Eastlake and Eastlake residents are making a splash in local media:

Seattle Magazine’s Urban Safari comes to Eastlake this month. Says the magazine:

With a killer view of Lake Union and an influx of new condo-dwellers, Eastlake is more than a short cut to downtown. 


The Seattle Mag writers visit Cicchetti, Voxx, Louisa’s, Nettletown, Jaxx Boutique, Mort’s Cabin, the Zoo and Patrick’s Fly Shop. And they even make mention of the petanque court on Fairview.

It’s a brief tour but a good one and you have to give them points for finding the petanque court.

Meanwhile, my former newspaper comrade-in-arms Becky Teagarden wrote about Eastlake’s own interior designer extraordinaire Mary Hansen in Saturday’s Seattle Times:

Mary Hansen makes magic.

If you call upon the interior designer to snap up your not-quite-right surroundings, you will most certainly not be set adrift in a sea of taupe.

Many of us know Mary as the designer of a series of posters for Eastlake Community Council events. Her day job is as an interior designer and she’s a good one. Ben Benschneider’s photos showcase Mary’s Eastlake cottage and its colorful, comfy interior.

It’s great to see local businesses and people getting the recognition they deserve. Good work!

Welcome our newest advertiser: Voxx Coffee

Please welcome Eastlake Ave. Blog’s newest advertiser, Voxx Coffee!

Voxx is located at the heart of the Eastlake business district, at E. Lynn and Eastlake E. They’re open 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday-Friday and 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. on the weekends.

Voxx is a comfortable place with a living room feel, with a touch of the “Mad Men” early-’60s look. They feature Stumptown Organic Fair Trade Coffee, pastries, sandwiches and salads, and something not every coffee shop has: wine. Yum!

Thanks, Voxx, for advertising!

If you’re an Eastlake business, or a business that might appeal to Eastlake residents, I’d like to recommend advertising with us. It’s easy and inexpensive. You’ll be reaching an audience that lives in, works in and cares about the Eastlake neighborhood. What could be better than that?

For more details, check out our advertising page.

Video: Eastlake Heritage Trees are dedicated

The four Eastlake Heritage Trees were dedicated on Saturday.

Four trees at the foot of E. Roanoke officially became the newest honorees in the City of Seattle’s Heritage Tree program during a dedication ceremony yesterday.

The trees — three willows and a poplar — stand in the street end park where Roanoke meets Fairview. Trees are selected for the program because they have historic or landmark importance; are exceptional in size, form or rarity; or are part of a notable collection.

As Cass Turnbull, founder of Plant Amnesty, noted during the dedication, although the four Eastlake trees may be “fast-growing, weak-wooded and short-lived … I think you will agree with me … (willows and poplars) are among the most spectacular trees in the world.”

Kathy Austin, an Eastlake resident and neighbor of the trees, nominated them for the Heritage program. Neighbors Patricia and Peter Ostrander paid for the plaque that now sits with the trees. The dedication on the plaque was written by Arthur Lee Jacobson, author of “Trees of Seattle.”

After the dedication, those attending toasted the trees’ health with sparkling cider.

These appear to be the only Heritage Trees in the Eastlake neighborhood. The closest tree to Eastlake listed in the Heritage program is a European white elm in Roanoke Park. 

The video shows the trees and highlights of the dedication:

Eastlake Heritage Trees Dedication from Curt Milton on Vimeo.

Car crashes through I-5 railing at Roanoke and Boylston

UPDATE: This post has been updated since it was first published. A reader submitted photos of the accident has been added.

A driver who missed the turn from Boylston E. onto E. Roanoke around 5 p.m. Saturday plowed through the railing over I-5, leaving his car dangling over the freeway.

Fortunately, the car didn’t fall onto the freeway. The car was later removed. At 6:30 p.m., two SDOT employees were standing watch at the damaged railing which had been marked with red caution tape.

The driver was apparently coming off I-5 southbound onto the Roanoke ramp. While turning east from Boylston onto Roanoke, he lost control, went up on the sidewalk and part way through the railing.

No word on the driver’s condition.