Eastlake Zoo closed Sunday and Monday for starring role in new film

Walt from the Eastlake Zoo reports that the popular tavern will be closed Sunday and Monday due to filming for a new feature film, “The Off Hours.” 

The film is a independent local production written and directed by Megan Griffiths, a veteran of the Seattle independent film community. Lynn Shelton, who won an 2010 Film Independent Spirit Award for her Seattle-based feature, “Humpday,” is acting in the film and serving as a consulting producer.

The “Off Hours” website has this to say about the film’s plot:

“The Off Hours” tells the story of three residents of a small, truck-stop town — Francine, a young waitress; Stu, an alcoholic diner owner; and Oliver, a passing short-haul truck driver. Working the night shift at a diner alongside the highway, Francine and Stu have drifted far away from where they thought their lives would take them. Oliver, a former banker new to driving semis, stops for coffee in the midst of one of his routes, and his appreciation for the road he travels introduces into the diner a new and unfamiliar sense of optimism.

Not sure what role the Zoo is playing in the film but Walt says there will be lots of action outside the bar. Might be worth taking a look.

Listed among the sponsors and supporters on the film’s website is Grand Central Bakery.

For more on the film, see the attached PDF.

Walt notes this isn’t the Zoo’s first brush with cinematic fame. The tavern was also featured in “American Heart,” a gritty 1992 film starring Jeff Bridges.