Car crashes through I-5 railing at Roanoke and Boylston

UPDATE: This post has been updated since it was first published. A reader submitted photos of the accident has been added.

A driver who missed the turn from Boylston E. onto E. Roanoke around 5 p.m. Saturday plowed through the railing over I-5, leaving his car dangling over the freeway.

Fortunately, the car didn’t fall onto the freeway. The car was later removed. At 6:30 p.m., two SDOT employees were standing watch at the damaged railing which had been marked with red caution tape.

The driver was apparently coming off I-5 southbound onto the Roanoke ramp. While turning east from Boylston onto Roanoke, he lost control, went up on the sidewalk and part way through the railing.

No word on the driver’s condition.

One thought on “Car crashes through I-5 railing at Roanoke and Boylston

  1. Ben Lukoff

    …but how exactly did he manage to lose control there? It wasn’t raining (or snowing, like it was a few days ago)… how fast was he taking the curve?

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