Four trees on Roanoke named to city’s Heritage program

They’ve stood at the foot of Roanoke Street, on the banks of Lake Union, for a long, long time.

Now, the four trees — three willows and a poplar — are getting their moment in the spotlight. They’ve been named the newest additions to the City of Seattle’s Heritage Tree Program.

A dedication ceremony to mark the occasion will take place on Saturday, April 10, at noon, in the park where they are located at Roanoke and Fairview. PlantAmnesty, which works with the city on the Heritage Tree program, says there will be a ceremony with short speeches, the presentation of an official certificate and the unveiling of a plaque. That will be followed by a toast with Martinelli’s sparking cider and cookies. Everyone is invited.

The trees are squeezed in to the street end park with not much room to spare (see photos and map with this post). They tower over the park and street. The willows drop their weeping limbs down and almost touch the water.

PlantAmnesty, is a non-profit group dedicated to “stopping the senseless torture and mutilation of trees and shrubs due to mal-pruning,” according to a press release. The group initiated the Tree Heritage Program with the Seattle Department of Transportation in 1996.

Nominated trees can be on either city or private property. Owners have to approve and the trees have to meet criteria for health in addition to one of the following:

Specimen: A tree of exceptional size, form, or rarity.

Historic: A tree recognized by virtue of its age, its association with or contribution to a historic structure or district, or its association with a noted person or historic event.

 Landmark: Trees that are landmarks of a community.

 Collection: Trees in a notable grove, avenue, or other planting.

For more about the program, including a list of where all the trees are located, go to the SDOT’s Web site.

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  1. Walter Lane

    There will be an after ceremony party at the Eastlake Zoo Tavern, Eastlake and Lynn, with free pool, shuffleboard and snooker and all are invited.

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