Renovated Wards Cove office building is fully leased

The waterfront office building at Wards Cove is now fully leased, the Wards Cove Packing Company announced this morning.

The 12,500-square-foot building, which was previously part of the company’s salmon packing operations, will be open to seven tenants who will begin moving in on April 1:

  • Envirotecture
  • Shilshole Development
  • Dave Dykstra Architect Group
  • Lally Consulting
  • Shoreline Marine Engineer
  • SoundEarth Strategies
  • the sales center for The Enclave, the 21-unit townhome development across the street

The Wards Cove development includes 12 houseboat slips and a 10-slip marina, a new beach and a conference room. The renovation of the office building included use of recycled, reused and sustainable building materials.

2 thoughts on “Renovated Wards Cove office building is fully leased

  1. striatic

    the office building looks fine, and i imagine the 12 houseboat slips will end up looking as interesting as all the other floating home slips in the neighbourhood, which is great! floating homes are just fun to look at and add unique character to the neighborhood.

    the 21-unit townhome development looks really awful though. repetitious, tall, dominating. no variation, nothing unique or innovative about it. just a long strip of repeated banality.

    i’m not anti-development by any stretch. i actually like the very large 2851 Eastlake development, which i live across from, for all the variations in texture, shape and wrinkles the architects put into the design. Ruby Condos has some promising shops and restaurants that serve the community and the brilliant red paint adds some flair and character to the area. the Eclipse development to the south is pretty generic, but at least suits the area where it is being built.

    “Enclave”, on the other hand, frankly upsets me. the name of the development itself suggests exclusion and disengagement from the rest of the neighborhood, and the cookie cutter ‘seen it a million times’ design reinforces that. replacing all the wonderfully quirky and unique homes along fairview with some examples of notable and distinctive modern design would be one thing, but this exercise in large scale generica on the waterfront leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

  2. striatic

    this page from the Enclave website is also a bit unnerving –

    where they refer to their next door neighbor as a “pea patch” not a “p-patch”. ok, it’s a small detail but considering the development is immediately abutting the p-patch, it would be heartening to see some attention to detail.

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