NOAA reviews decision to move, says it’s still headed to Newport

NOAA says it has completed its review of its decision to move from Lake Union to Newport, Oregon, and — big surprise — finds again that Newport is the best place to base its ships.

The review had been ordered after Bellingham, one of the ports that lost the NOAA deal, had protested it. Bellingham said that the Newport site is in a flood plain, which is contrary to federal requirements. 

The review, released by the office of Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., said that the Bellingham and Port Angeles sites (Port Angeles was the other bidder for the base) were also on flood plains.

The Associated Press quotes a NOAA statement:

“Based on its analysis, NOAA has determined that there appears to be no practicable alternative to the Port of Newport offer.”

NOAA will review public comments on the decision for the next 30 days before issuing it’s final decision. Don’t hold your breath.

Read the more in the AP report on the decision at the Seattle Times.

One thought on “NOAA reviews decision to move, says it’s still headed to Newport

  1. John QP

    So now we’ve forced NOAA to spend three months to determine that docks tend to be on the edge of floodplains — aka waterfronts. Imagine that! Wonder how much money was wasted figuring that out?

    Folks, like it or not, the Newport bid won on the technical assessment, won on the price (by a long ways), and is an honest to goodness seaport (with the emphasis on sea) so that NOAA’s ocean research vessels will only be minutes away from their work.

    The process was fair and its time for us to be good sports, congratulate Newport, and move on.

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